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Hot Kiss Dewi Persik and Aldi Taher Photo Celebrity

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Foto Artis Mesum Dewi Persik - Aldi Taher
Foto Artis Mesum Dewi Persik dan Aldi Taher

Dewi Perssik Very controversial. Not only clothing and goyangannya on the stage, but also the style of speech and forthright action Foto Nakal and fed in public.
As time in the event syukuran Kuntilanak pricker newest film in the FX Plaza, Senayan, Jakarta, yesterday Sunday (10/05/09), the owner saw this rocking without diffidence practice techniques smooch with her husband, Aldi Taher.
Of course this wild osculation directly enshrined the news hunters. Meanwhile, Dewi and Aldi enjoys ciumannya appear, although at that time the son of Goddess are angkatnya tote, Velice Gabrielle, which is aged 1.5 years.
Goddess and the main pin Kuntilanak are intentionally present, and also invites Aldi Gabriel, as a sign the whole family. Dewi is not denied if the relationship with Aldi the marriage bond is still in this series will soon be inaugurated and also the wedding reception.

Foto Mesum Dewi Persik aldi Taher
foto Skandal Dewi Persik Artis Seksi Hot

Dewi Persik had the name of Dewi Murya Agung, was born in Jember, East Java on December 18 1985. He was a singer dangdut that jumped through unsteady the saw, that is the fluctuation that similar to the movement the saw that advanced-retreated.

The name of Persik was personally given by his manager, who hoped his career shone like the peach, that is from China that it was considered the luck bearer. Apart from indeed the daughter of the couple H.Mochammad Aidil and Hj. Sri Muna same had the descendants's Chinese blood from his grandmother.

Dewi's song including being entitled the Pentas Star, apart from also starred in the MANIS DREAM film, that sountrack him was enough to be known by the community.

Dewi Persik Breast Touch Tragedi

Dewi Persik of course always seen section in each the appearance. So do when completed singing in one of event ( 23/01). The dangdut singer which has changed podium costume with baby this mini doll direct is invaded by]the news hunters. This young widow also have time to do interview with the journalists.
After interview ends, Dewi takes leave and rushs about towards its(the car. Without disangka-sangka there are holding ignorant hand " essential part" this exiguus woman. Without bes awaiting stripper Dewi direct to grasp the tanga and gives strike punch for shameless men of that.
The case makes it surprises, Rickety owner sawn this speeds up the step to thel car. From outside car glass, seen former this Saipul Jamil wife mops the eye using tissue.

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