Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bloomsday - Wikipedia

New Facebook picture #2 :)

River tree (by

Path to the Waterfall (by Child of Danu)

Roughly this time last year, I was getting on a plane with my oldest sister and one of her friends to visit our other sister in Paris. We had several adventures in France, Ireland, and Italy over the course of a month and took some splendid photos.

From just walking around the streets,

Going to the Louvre,

to climbing to the top of Notre Dame

Taking stupid photos on the metro,
Or maybe that’s mostly just me being stupid in the middle…

Going to Versailles

and later getting locked out and walking down this pretty path

Exploring castles in Malahide,

To taking pictures in front of Italian fountains…

….and later swimming in them drunkenly.

All those things were crazy and amazing and awesome, but it that trip was important to me mostly because of my sisters. It’s weird to think that this time a year we were all together for a month and the last time we were all in the same room was back in April, and only for a few days.

ANYWAY just me ranting about a 3rd of my immediate family and how I kind of love them and stuff because we’re all kind of ridiculous. 
 “We’re all seesters and we love Roma”
 ….And we love each other

The Cliffs of Moher

Bloomsday - Wikipedia:

Happy Bloomsday, all.

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