Saturday, June 18, 2011

When I was in Ireland in 2002, this is where the majority of my...

Barnesmore Gap, Co. Donegal

Why did I not spend every minute of this weekend studying for it?!

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]

Dancing on the beach in Buncranna, Northern Ireland with my best friend.   (Frank Sinatra added to set the tone.)

Lady Liberty at Dublin Castle. This statue of Lady Liberty is unusual - she is not blindfolded, her sword is drawn, she seems to hold the scales with disgust, and her back is turned away from the city and toward the castle. Not a very symbolically proper depiction of Lady Liberty. Many jokes are made about this.

“Siodh-Dune” by munira_zen on Flickr.

I’m currently on the 2 hour bus ride to Dublin and normally I’d be ptfo by now but I already ended up doing that last night with an unintentional 10-hour nap. Lucky for me, this bus has free wifi! Unreal.

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