Sunday, June 19, 2011

SO, I've decided Fall 2012 I'm going to directly apply as an International Student to British Isle Universities

I am going to marry someone Irish for their accent.

I can’t even remember what answers I got it’s all a blur at this stage! But I don’t care anymore I can’t change it now and everyone in the whole country thought it was a pile of crap so maybe they’ll be forced to compensate by marking it easier. Roll on paper 2 so I can be finished maths forever.”

And it sounds quite calm and forward thinking but after the exam I was quite upset. It would have been bad enough for it to go so badly and that to be the end of it, but I still have to try and do paper 2 on Monday.
Some colleges have it as a requirement to pass maths to get in as well so if I have failed, I’m looking at limited options as even if I do really well on Monday (ha!) you have to pass both papers to pass overall.

I’m just gonna stop thinking about it now and hope for the best.

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Ireland does not do sales tax. When I bought my phone, the price was 20E, so, being an American, I had out a 20 note and some change, thinking that 20E would not be enough to pay for something marked 20E, because it wouldn’t be in the states. When he said “twenty euros” I handed him the bill and he took it. It felt really strange to me. In American, when something is $20, it’s really something like $20.13, so you have to hand them a twenty and a one and get a bunch of useless coins back. I’m so used to that kind of payment exchange that it felt really bizarre to just hand the guy one bill and have that be it. It’s hard to explain how twilight-zone that felt. If you had told me before I left that I would feel very strangely out of place when paying for things without sales tax, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I was so startled by the whole thing that I said “is that all?” and he said “what?” and I asked “there’s no sales tax?” and he said “what is that?” and I said “well in America when something is 20 dollars it’s actually 20 dollars and some cents” and he said “why?” and I said “the government?” and then he got this look of recognition on his face and said “oh, we wondered when we were in America why they always wanted some extra little bit of change, it was annoying,” and his buddy said “yeah that’s an American thing, we don’t do that” and I said that it was so fantastically convenient to just hand over one bill and have no one counting out change and he smiled and said yes it was grand. Score one for Ireland. Later I bought something else and it was the same deal. It feels so much cleaner and neater to buy something for 10E, hand them a 50 note and just get two twenties back.

““Don Broco - undoubtedly the next big thing in UK rock, Don Broco absolutely ripped apart the Kerrang! Introducing Stage, and rebuilt it using their super-slick brand of discord, vocal harmony and a stage presence that can’t be described and do it justice (or photographed - I tried). A huge, huge name to watch out for.””

- Slam Dunk Review - Glasswerk Ireland

I’ve got a 4.0, or 98-100% course grades. 

I’m a Sociology major. 

I’m not very competitive in extracirricular activities since I don’t participate in sports and I volunteer mainly within Catholic Charities.

I’m looking for somewhere with tuition under $30,000 a year if possible


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