Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello, from ireland

…16 days.  Not like I’m counting or anything.


This makes me so excited to go to Ireland this summer

““Could he not find in his heart the generosity to acknowledge that there is a small...

Lighthouse Saint John’s Point - Donegal Bay (by dusi_bbg)

Dubliners - The Peat Bog Soldiers

Far and wide as the eye can wander
Heath and bog are everywhere
Not a bird sings out to cheer us
Oaks are standing gaunt and bare

We are the peat bog soldiers
Marching with our spades to the moor

Up and down the guards are pacing
No one, no one can get through
Flight would mean a sure death facing
Guns and barbed wire greet our view

We are the peat bog soldiers
Marching with our spades to the moor

But for us there is no complaining
Winter will in time be past
One day we will cry rejoicing
“Homeland dear, you’re mine at last”

Then will the peat bog soldiers
March no more with their spades to the moor

Ireland  (by Bender_23)

Ireland on Flickr.

Ireland on Flickr.

Hello followers!

I just want to say hello from Ireland, I hope that everyone has an opportunity to visit the country of where their ancestors are from. It’s truly amazing here, and a picture can not describe how beautiful and amazing it is here! I’ll try and post pictures soon, but internet is limited


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