Friday, June 10, 2011

marshall cars pics

marshall cars
marshall cars
marshall cars

I know very little about cars. It's not surprising, I drive a 1992 Cutlass Supreme that I don't take very good care of. I don't drive very much, I prefer walking to most places. If the car isn't starting and it's not out of gas, and there's not a flat tire, then it's dead to me.

I actually grew up friends with a number of car enthusiasts. I'm amazed that despite the amount of vehicular dialogue I was subjected to in High School - I still don't know what a transmission does, or what spark plugs do, or how to ghost ride the whip.

When I got Forza Motorsports 2 in my hot little hands, I was excited to play what I heard was the best racing game ever. I was hesitant to have a new racing love in my life -as the Burnout series is one of my favorite video game franchises ever. However, I knew that the things you can do with cars in this game - the infinite customization options the player has - was something I had to try out.

And it did not disappoint. Each car can receive a custom paint job, window tint, and decal application to create a completely unique automobile.

Let me be more specific about the decals - you can apply up to 1000 on each side of the car. That's 1000 on the left, 1000 on the right, 1000 on top, 1000 on the front, 1000 on the back. No decals on the bottom. That's something they'd do on Pimp My Ride.

Also, there are very few pre-made decals. The decals you put on are simple geometric shapes, or lines, or natural shapes, or tribal patterns, or letters. Combined, and with a lot of creativity and patience, you can come up with some truly amazing designs. It wasn't long before I recreated the iconic black Dodge Charger from Death Proof, and Bumblebee from the new Transformers movie.

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