Thursday, June 16, 2011

Irish 'fashion' people are so embarassing

Surfing the West

happy bloomsday

TapMap: Navigating Offline Store Inventory With Online Technology :

The first online shopping site, Intershop, was established in 1994, followed closely by Amazon and eBay. Since then, online shopping has expanded into the multi-billion dollarecommerce industry that exists today.

President Obama Visits Silicon Valley :

President Obama recently made a two-day visit to Silicon Valley. The aim of the trip was to promote technological development with a view to supporting and improving the US economy. At a private dinner, President Obama met with the heads of some of the leading technology companies based in Silicon Valley.

GruUpy: The Purchasing Power Of Community : is an online retail company with a difference. They sell a different electronic product every day, and that’s only if a minimum quota of people buy it. The idea is that buyers become part of a community, and their combined buying power allows Gruupy to buy these gadgets cheaper, and pass these savings on to the consumer.

(by stephen.edwards)

I start photography class on Monday. I can’t wait to get back into the dark room. I need it.

Bunbeg Strand Wreck on Flickr.

rocky bay, co.cork, ireland, chilly but sunny december 08 (by silyld)

Just stop.Stop. We all know you work for a tabloid newspaper and the only people who are in your magazines are fucking RTE stars and glamour models.

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