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Lobster Pots in Dingle, Ireland 2007

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A marvel right in front of my very eyes… 

The Christ Church Cathedral towered regally about the historic Christchurch Place in Dublin, Ireland and was more stunning than I would have ever imagined. Luckily, we visited the cathedral on a gorgeous summer day with the sun glistening in the sky; effervescently glowing onto each tree that contoured the entrance to the cathedral. 

Walking under the grey stone archway to enter the church site took my breath away instantaneously to say the least. Transcending past tree tops, cafes and even hotels surrounding it, Christ Church noticeably stole the attention of any onlooker who walked past. The grand monument stood confidently with its many tiers, peaks and stained-glass windows as spectators quickly drew out their tourist cameras and began snapping shots like a paparazzi field day, attempting to capture a steller view of this extraordinary historical testament. A King Kong in the midst of a quiet street corner, the massive cathedral boasted a multitude of shades of grey stone that, although ashen, smoky and obscure, were a rare blend of the perfect hues to help recall the profound historical period in which it was built. 

Despite the cars whizzing past, the continuation of construction and the countess Dubliners racing by in their corporate attire in the midst of the day, this antiquated relic stuck out in the middle of the developing city like a sore thumb, overpowering the twenty-first-century aura encompassing it and giving rise to the charming history of the city. The phenomenal geometric composition of stones fixed together like a complex puzzle piece and the doorways, enriched with the most delicate metal detail, proved to be matchless accents to the age-old landmark. In that moment, I realized that there was no doubt that this cathedral was the true definition of medieval meeting modern and its wonderful knowing that the preservation of such historical allure amongst a city of advancement is a top priority. 

There is no song nor poem, no play nor book that could master the depiction of this landmark and its history more than the naked eye. The Christ Church Cathedral, one of Dublin’s finest and a must-see venue expertly confirms the historical background of the city and I am truly honored that I had the opportunity to experience such a magical and mythical rarity to help better explore my own heritage.

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Lobster Pots in Dingle, Ireland 2007

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