Friday, June 24, 2011

Fresque collective. Collective mural.National College of art and...

In grade 6 I had to do a project on a dream vacation.  Not sure why, but I chose Ireland. I spent hours researching places like Cork and Limerick, cute little B&B’s as well as museums. I even sketched out a picture of bangers and mash for the front cover.  I ended up getting an A+ even though the teacher questioned my mode of transportation. I had written in my project that I was going to get to Ireland on a ferry (first blonde moment!)

Ten years later I bought a round trip ticket to Ireland to visit this enchanting country with a friend from high school. It was surreal to say the least. We spent two weeks in Ireland venturing the countryside, checking out tourist spots, visiting family and of course making new friends. I remember when I came back and shared my stories with my friends they were all in shock. Shut the front door Kristi, shut the front door that did not happen to you (insert chick flick movie here).

In the end I sometimes still can’t believe that in the last year not only did I go to Ireland once, I went twice – the second time for St. Patrick’s Day with close friends. To this day, it still seems crazy that I have friends over there!

The video above is of Two Door Cinema Club’s performance from Glastonbury 2011 (this performance literally just happened). My friend Peter introduced me to this band while I was in Ireland. They have become one of my favourite bands; I even had the chance to see them live in Toronto last September. If you haven’t already heard their stuff I suggest you download it ASAP!

Have a great weekend!


Are you amongst the many who wonder how Tori will get to Ireland now that SAAB may have to close down?

Belfast riot 2011

Everything is English and Nothing Hurts.  …Yet.

This strip isn’t necessarily a history lesson (just history hints, really), but more of a way to facilitate understanding in terminology and the common confusions seen in America elsewhere in the world regarding the British Isles.  In the first panel, they’re wearing period clothing from around 1801 (the year Ireland became part of the UK).  Keeping the parenthetical aside in mind, we chose that time/year to make the point (in the beginning) of this strip. 

A bit of an educational aside:  Before the Acts of Union (what joined Ireland to GB), the UK was known as simply the Kingdom of Great Britain.  (This included the countries England, Wales, and Scotland, collectively making up the largest of the British Isles, Great Britain.  Go figure.)  In 1801, with the addition of Ireland, the state was given the new name, “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.”  This is slightly different than what we have today.  In 1927, Ireland became a sovereign state except for an area in the northeast, which decided to remain with the UK.  (Thusly, the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”)

I would have links for you, but all of this is coming up in the comics, and links will be there, as well!

Here is a nice little venn diagram to sort it out a bit more easily:

As for the flags themselves, that will be touched up on soon in a comic!

Fresque participative // participative mural. Dublin.Ireland.2011

Ireland by ciccio (°°) on Flickr.

Train, on way to Flower Show in Dublin, 2nd June 2011

“I’ve a grand little tin of corned beef!”

Fresque collective. Collective mural.National College of art and design.Dublin.Irlande.2011

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