Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Colour Film by Mindful Youth on Flickr.


wind much?

Thursday in Bray

Given that I only have class two days a week, taking trips to costal Dublin has developed into a new favorite activity of mine. Just a 40 min. train ride away is Bray. Complete with beaches, boardwalks, and a mountain, Bray made for the perfect day out of the city. 

The Spire! :)


After reaching the top of Bray Head we made these new best friends.

I’m really enjoy this spell of delightful weather Ireland is having lately :D its kept me in a good mood , despite missing Gord millions :) After hearing the crap my sister puts up with her boyfriend Im a very lucky girl !

Also i have been pull thus far.. im beginning to think going cold turkey on the hair pulling is not going to help im resigning myself to the fact ill possibly pull my hair forever ! And hiding my bald patches by wearing my hair in a pony tail is my only option.



Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

Symbiosis 3/4 by Mindful Youth on Flickr.


The Frames 
Fitzcarraldo (1996) 

Colour Film by Mindful Youth on Flickr.

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