Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dunmore Head (by briansrickard)

Old Barrack Buildings, Charlesfort, Kinsale, Co. Cork.

Nikon F3, 50mm Series E, Ilford HP5+, Fotospeed FD10.

(by s.k. joiner)

.Ireland has the best food I have ever consumed, ever

.despite contrary belief, it isn’t that expensive to thrive in Ireland

.technology always seems to ruin everything, which is ironic since it has been designed to help us

.keeping up with facebook, tumblr, study abroad blog and the most recent ‘Moodle’ platform for Irish school is exhausting and rather unenjoyable. I think I will begin to post more consistently here and then anything/anyone else can do with that what they please

.as much as i love Ireland, i might be allergic to this beautiful land; i’m starting to resemble sneezey the dwarf

Kylemore Abbey (by kevin collins)

And backto the forests ofIreland …Forever.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.

For us (L)

Dunmore Head (by briansrickard)

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