Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mixed feelings over mixed drinks… by s a m s t a c k on...

Jedward (Ireland 2011)

Stormy skies over Dublin, seen from Dollymount Strand.

Drimnagh Castle from the walled garden.

A good thing:

Ireland will devote €2 million of its €31.3 million aid budget for Tanzania to nutrition this year as part of a joint initiative with the US.


A bad thing:

The global shortage of health workers is estimated at 4.2 million by the World Health Organization (WHO), but the migration of doctors, nurses, midwives and pharmacists from poor to rich countries means the shortfall is not evenly distributed - of the 57 nations identified as having reached a crisis point, 36 are in sub-Saharan Africa.


A thing to change:

Tomorrow the Australian Senate will debate the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill. The Traditional Owners of the site in the bill, the Muckaty Land Trust are deeply divided over this issue. A Federal Court case contesting the nomination and selection process has been brought by some of these traditional owners. This case has not yet been heard. Ask the Senate to wait until the case has been heard before they consider the bill:

A ferry tale by May Castelnuovo Galili on Flickr.

Kerry Stock BG`s

Mixed feelings over mixed drinks… by s a m s t a c k on Flickr.

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