Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Champ

Howdy, y’all! *Ahem* Top of the morn- …eh, evening to you! Suppose I need to retire my Lutz/Land O’ Lakes lingo to something with more of an Irish flair. However, I don’t plan on actually saying anything that would basically be the equivalent to tattooing, “TOURIST” to my forehead…

 Welcome! Or Fáilte, as the Irish say. On July 21, I’ll be flying to Chicago. I’ve never been to Chicago (or anywhere in the Midwest for that matter), so that will be exciting. BUT, the real exciting part is after I partake in some deep dish pizza, I’ll be boarding a connection flight to Dublin, Ireland.

I’ll actually be taking this journey with fellow college-aged students, as I will be studying abroad.

Thanks to for the lovely photos.

[Thanks to for the lovely photos.]

For the most part, I’ll be here. Spiffy, eh? That’s Trinity College - right in the heart of Dublin. I’ll be taking 2 courses while on my journey and this here blog will be my way of keeping in touch. I’ll be keep a tradition journal as well (you mean they still manufacture things to WRITE in?), but my Mommy taught me how to share, so I do hope you enjoy! Now, please excuse me whilst I go daydream about this natural wonder - The Cliffs of Moher.

Credit goes to for this beauty of a snapshot!

[Credit goes to for this beauty of a snapshot!]




Taken from on top of the Guinness Brewery in Dublin

larne 4.

thanks for indulging me. and because it’s interesting, satellite image of this exact spot courtesy google maps—

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larne 3

larne 2

So, I’m in Ireland with my boyf and his lovelyyy family for the weekend and today his auntie lent us her Peugeot 206 convertible to drive about in. It’s friggin’ lush, just like the country to be fair! :) this is it parked up on the beach earlier.

Elliott saw his first ghost when he was five years old.  He was put to bed early and was trying to relieve the boredom of his own company by counting the spots on the counterpane, when he noticed the door-handle move.

Gradually it opened and an extraordinary figure shot into view—tall with long arms and a head too big for its body—“Its eyes were of a yellowish green and sphinx-like. There was indeed nothing in the face to denote this thing’s attitude towards me, whether hostile or friendly, or ,merely indifferent,” After some minutes, it left. When he told his mother the next morning about it she simply said he was having a bad dream. Much later, after his mothers death, he learned that members of the household had seen it too.

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