Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ireland 2007 (by Dans Digital Darkroom)

I went to school with her for a year when we lived overseas together, and we always stayed in contact (so it’s not like with some random I met over the internet haha)

BUT, my mom won’t let me go. My mom was really close with her mom, and she doesn’t have a problem with my best friends family… I just don’t know how to convince her to let me go. 

I’ve traveled within the states by myself, and we’ve traveled a lot together so my mom doesn’t really have a problem with that. 

And it’s not TOO expensive. And if I had to make the money, I’d definitely find a way to get it haha. 

So what should I do to convince her to let me gooo? :(

Sometimes I look at my pictures and I can’t believe I have actually been to these places. 

“Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast”  Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde statue in Dublin.

I really dont want to go home next week. I am too happy here with Iona and just being us. Going home will ruin that, and we cant just curl up on the sofa together without worrying about people coming in or kiss in the corridor or in the kitchen. When we get home everything changes again, back to hiding even more than we do now. Considering staying here over summer…… I LOVE CORK!!!!


Bewley’s Oriental Cafe in Dublin’s Grafton Street, a city landmark.

Abbey funeral, where all my relatives are laid to rest

Rain again today… get your shit sorted June…

Looks like i’ll be going another week without that haircut. I can so rock a mullet :P

Ireland 2007 (by Dans Digital Darkroom)

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