Friday, June 17, 2011

Preparing a soup…

I am queen of my castle.

Rock of Cashel - Ireland, c. 1100-1270 

Dear God, it’s breathtaking…

Top of a Medieval Irish Castle

Liberty Lane (Camden Street), Dublin

Hey, it would mean a lot to my friends band if you could go here: ’like’ there page and then look for ‘Aidan Durnin’s’ comment and like that. 

It’s so my friends can support this really awesome PIRATE ROCK METAL BAND! 

  • 1 week of 6th form left
  • 1 more exam
  • Got a job in Hyde Park for the Kings of Leon/White Lies/Arcade Fire/Wireless Fest gigs 
  • Most probably going to Ireland soon

Grand Canal Theatre.

Preparing a soup…


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