Friday, June 24, 2011

One day Scotland…

Gonna fly on one of these bad boys tomorrow. Headed to Ireland. Super duper excited. I will try to post some pictures or something here on tumblr. I mean, I’ll be on vacation, so I can’t make any promises. 

“A documentary denouncing the Magdalene Asylums, which were operated by Catholic nuns in Ireland for over 100 years, and caused an uproar when it was televised in England in March 1998 as part of Channel Four’s Witness series. An estimated three million people watched the documentary, one of the highest figures ever recorded for the series. A help line was set up, which received calls from almost 450 women who had experienced abuse and trauma through the Magdalene Asylums and the Catholic Church. The documentary was blacklisted by the Irish network RTE and to this date has never been officially aired in Ireland.” Youtube

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